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Branding Business with Permanent LED Outdoor Lighting Systems


Permanent Outdoor Lighting Systems

When you install lighting for your business location, you’re probably thinking of creating an outdoor space that will be safe for your employees and clients. Bright lighting in parking lot areas, at entrances and exits and along all pathways is very important for safety. You may also think of discouraging theft and vandalism by making sure that anyone near the building can be seen by security personnel. LED lights such as shoe boxes and wall packs work well for these purposes. LEDs are durable, bright, and energy-efficient; most LEDs give decades of light before they need to be replaced.


Safety and security are paramount. But light can also be used to help to brand your business, and to connect it to the community. Many businesses are now opting to install permanent LED strip lighting on roofline, eaves, and gables. You can light your building in your company colours, making it more visible on the skyline, and identifiable from a great distance. The ambient light from the permanent strip lighting can give your building a more welcoming feel, and can help to establish you as part of the surrounding community.


Show Your Colours!

Permanent LED strip lighting offers you the ability to program, with the touch of a smartphone screen, hundreds of different colours. You can also create patterns with the lights: make them flash, blink, chase, or alternate. If the Blue Jays are doing well fans show their team spirit with blue and white lighting during the games. You can even make the lights strobe or flash whenever the boys get a run! If your business supports causes such as breast cancer awareness, you can program pink lights to show solidarity. If you want to display holiday lighting, permanent LEDs allow you to celebrate with the colours of Christmas, Hanukkah, or Ramadan. You can choose one, or celebrate all of them in turn.


Many businesses use the lights to attract attention on special days. Do you have Irish customers? Make their day on St. Paddy’s by turning green. Are you offering a Valentine’s Day special? Ensure customers get the message with red and pink lighting. Canada Day, Halloween, and special corporate events can also get their own customized illumination. Possibilities are endless. Your business can communicate to the community through the use of colourful and welcoming light.



Your business may be one among many in a commercial area, and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. Using light to differentiate yourself can be very useful. Your building may even become a landmark for people who frequent the area. The best professional installers are able to fit lights to virtually any building – even round ones!


Find a Canadian company with experience and high-quality products. You’ll want to access the latest smart technology for lighting control, and to use durable weather-resistant lights. LED lights are long-lasting: look for a company that offers a five-year warranty, but keep in mind that many users run strip lighting six to eight hours a day and don’t need to replace them for twenty years. LEDs are also eco-friendly and energy-efficient, with 80% - 90% more efficiency than conventional bulbs.


Talk to a lighting professional today, and learn more about installing a beautiful permanent outdoor LED lighting system for your business.